Picture above: Confirmation Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2021!

Director: Charity Firestone 
Phone:  334-277-1989 (office) or 509-389-0399 (cell)
Email: [email protected]


6:30-8:30pm in the Parish Hall
Dinner will be provided.

2022 Session dates: 

Session 1 – Sunday, February 6th

Session 2 – Sunday, March 6th

Session 3 – Sunday, April 3rd  

Session 4 – Sunday, May 1st

Session 5 – Sunday, June 5th

Session 6 – Sunday, July 10th

Session 7 – Sunday, August 7th   

Session 8 – Sunday, September 11th

Session 9 – Sunday, October 2nd

Retreat– Saturday, October 15, 2022 9am-2pm

Date of Confirmation- Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 3:30pm

Confirmation Discipleship Formation Sessions this year (2022) are for students who will graduate in 2024 or for older high school students (must be a Junior on the day of Confirmation) who have yet to be Confirmed. You can find the registration Packet, Sponsor Agreement Form, and other forms needed below or you can contact Charity Firestone and pick them up in the Holy Spirit Parish Office. If you are needing to be confirmed but have already graduated high school, you will need to contact Liz Gregorius for RCIA at 334-324-1320 or [email protected]

Confirmation Candidates need to choose a Sponsor BY THE JUNE SESSION. The Sponsor Agreement Form needs to be filled out and brought back to a Confirmation Session or to the Holy Spirit Office. Requirements for Sponsors are listed on the form.

Sponsor FAQ:

  • Can a Sponsor be a parent? No
  • Can someone be a Sponsor if they aren’t able to be here for Confirmation? Yes, if your Sponsor can not physically be at Confirmation, you can have a proxy stand in place of the Sponsor. If that is your circumstance, please let Charity Firestone know.

Girls – Modest is key. White dresses that hit the knee (or come very close). Shoulders must be covered; if you have a dress that has straps, please plan to wear a white shrug, shawl, or cover over it. NO strapless dresses. Modest nude or tan shoes. You will be walking up steps to kneel before the Archbishop at Confirmation. Please make sure that your dress and shoes are appropriate. Practice bowing, genuflecting, and kneeling to make sure your dress covers well and that you’re able to walk up steps. Another note: It’s easier to find white dresses in the spring and summer, so we suggest you don’t wait until right before Confirmation to look for your dress.

Boys – Khaki dress slacks. White button-down shirt. Red tie or a tie with red in it. (Bow tie or neck tie is acceptable.) Dark (Black, Navy or charcoal gray) Sports Jacket. Dress shoes (Neutral colors).

2022 Confirmation Calendar

2022 Confirmation Informational Sheet

2022 Confirmation Registration Packet

Confirmation Sponsor Form

Confirmation Service Log

2022 Confirmation Checklist

Confirmation Candidate Commitment Form