How Do I . . .

How Do I 

  • Register with the parish?  We encourage you to join our parish family by completing a Family Registration Form.  Forms are located in the Vestibule and Gallery of the Church.  You can also download and print the form from here: Holy Spirit Family Registration Form. Please return your completed form to the parish office.  You can come by the office and drop it off between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. You can mail or email the form to [email protected] or you can simply drop your form in the collection the next time you come to Mass.  
  • How do I come back to the Church?  Have you fallen away from the Catholic Faith?  The best way to begin is to come to Mass.  From there you can talk to one of our priests or call the office and schedule an appointment with a priest.  Call us at 277-5631.
  • How do I learn more about the Catholic Faith?  For adults who want to learn about the Catholic Faith, we offer RCIA classes on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  Call or email Liz Gregorius (Coordinator) at 334-324-1320 or [email protected]  Liz can answer your questions.  If you would like to talk to Fr. Youngman, please call the parish office.
  • Register my child for Faith Formation Classes?  Faith Formation Classes (Religious Ed or CCD) are held each Sunday morning between the 8am and 11am Masses in the School. Classes begin at 9:15am and end around 10:45am.  If your child does not attend Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School, they need to attend our Faith Formation Classes.  Please contact Ms. Charity Firestone in the parish office, 334-277-1989.  
  • Arrange the Baptism for my child?   We ask that you attend one of our Baptism Preparation Classes prior to scheduling the baptism.  Classes are held on the second Monday of each month in the Church at 7pm.  At that time you will complete a Baptism form with all your information, child's information and God-Parents.  A baptism can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for the family and Priest/Deacon.  We advise not to schedule your baptism during a Mass.  Please contact the parish office, 334-277-5631. 
  • Make an appointment to see a priest? Call the parish office, 277-5631. Karen will be happy to set up a time for you to come in to meet with Fr. Youngman or Fr. McKenna.  If you need a priest to come visit with you in your home, give us a call.  
  • Set up a time to receive the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick?  In the event of serious illness, death or other sacramental emergency, please call the parish office, 277-5631.  Parishioners who anticipate having surgery are strongly encouraged to arrange to receive this anointing before they enter the hospital.  Karen will be happy to arrange a time.  
  • Have a Mass scheduled for someone?  A Mass intention can be scheduled for anyone alive or deceased.  Call or come by the parish office to schedule one. We will be happy to send a card to someone letting them know a Mass is scheduled.  It is customary to donate $10 for each Mass Intention, which goes directly to the priest when it is said.
  • Put someone on the prayer list?  We have 2 ways to spread the word when asking for prayers.  Our prayer line is a chain that reaches out to those who whish to pray for one another.  Please contact Maureen Moore at 279-5848 or Lois Miller 277-4415.  If you would like to place someone on the prayer list in the bulletin, please contact Karen in the parish office, 277-5631.
  • Get some financial help or Food?  Unfortunately we DO NOT offer assistance from the parish.  However, we do suggest that you reach out to our St. Vincent de Paul Ministry.  Call them at 334-235-5976.  Or, you can call Catholic Social Services at 288-8890.  CSS is located at 4455 Narrow Lane Road.  CSS offer many services.
  • Schedule use of the Parish Facility? To schedule events or activities in the Parish Hall or Library, please contact the parish office.  Please not that there is a fee for use of the facility if it is not a parish function.  At no time is alcohol allowed on parish grounds or facilities.  Holy Spirit Parish does not allow any non-registered person to rent any room on the facility.