Mother's Prayer and Study

Co- Leader: Leah Collins
Phone: 205-203-2140
Email: [email protected]

Weekly meetings are held on Thursday morning from 9:30- 11:00 am in Library mid-August through mid-May.

Nusery is available for children aged 1 through age 4. Infants and other children are asked to remain under parental supervision during the meeting.

Mission: Our hope is to provide a relaxed environment for mother’s gather, pray, learn, and support one another as we navigate the vocation of motherhood.

Activity: Every meeting opens with a prayer then reading and reflection on the upcoming Sunday’s gospel. Catholic resources such as books, DVDs and podcasts are also utilized based on the group’s interest for study and discussion. Meetings conclude with a time to share news and ask for petitions. Parishioners from all parishes are welcome to join the group.

We also encourage mothers to join the “Montgomery area Catholic Moms” Facebook group which connects all of the River Region to provide a broader network for learning about and sharing information on Catholic events, play dates, homeschooling, etc. In the area.